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Oberndorf - site of first performance, 1818

On the occasion of Christmas, 1818, Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr performed "Silent Night! Holy Night!" for the first time in the St. Nicholas church. Gruber served as organist for the Oberndorf church from 1816-1829, while Mohr was assistant priest (1817-1819). This church was torn down around the turn of the century, and on its site now stands the Silent-Night-Memorial Chapel. The chapel, a memorial plaque on the caretaker's house where Mohr lived, and a monument in front of the new parish church give recognition to the events of 1818.Silent Night Museum with pictures of the so called "Old-Oberndorf"
Silent-Night-Memorial Chapel

The Silent Night and Local History Museum focuses on the theme of the Christmas carol "Silent Night!" and the history surrounding its origin, including, for example, the history of the salt shipping trade. Visitors can listen to many translations of the song at earphone stations in the sound room.

Stille-Nacht-Platz 7
A-5110 Oberndorf b. Salzburg, Austria
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Webcam - Silent Night Memorial Chapel in Oberndorf
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Website: Silent-Night- and Museum of Local History" in Oberndorf (German)

Arnsdorf - where Gruber lived and worked (1807-1829)School and church in Arnsdorf
In Gruber`s former living room is now a historic school class

Franz Gruber served here as schoolteacher, organist and church caretaker. The building next to the church housed the school downstairs and Gruber's home upstairs. It is likely that he composed the melody to "Silent Night!" in this building. Elementary age school children continue to be taught today in the "Gruber Classroom." Arnsdorf is located about 2.5 miles north of Oberndorf. Memorial plaques at the school building and church make reference to the events of 1818. These buildings have changed very little since the days when Gruber lived here.

The Franz-Xaver-Gruber-Museum is located in the second story of the schoolhouse in which Gruber lived and worked. The rooms contain original furniture and items from Gruber's time there.

Stille Nacht Platz 1 (next to the church)
A-5112 Lamprechtshausen, Austria
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For more information: Tourist Information Office - Lamprechtshausen Website: F.X. Gruber-Museum

Mariapfarr - where Mohr wrote the text to "Silent Night!"Home of Mohr's forefathers in Stranach, Mariapfarr

Given recent findings, historians know that Joseph Mohr created the text to "Silent Night!" in the form of a poem in 1816 while serving in Mariapfarr in the Lungau region of the province of Salzburg. Two years later, Franz Gruber added the melody to the lyrics. During the years 1815-1817, Mohr held the position of assistant priest in Mariapfarr. The house of his grandfather, called the "Scharglerkeusche" is located at Stranach Nr. 21 not far from Mariapfarr. A reference to Mohr can also be found as part of a relief sculpture in the town's war memorial monument (World War I, 1914-1918).

The Silent Night Museum includes documentation on Joseph Mohr beginning with his family tree which goes back to the 17th century in Lungau. His origins from there and his stay in Mariapfarr from 1815-1817 as parish facilitator are not the only evidence of his relationship to Lungau.

Silent Night Fountain in Joseph Mohr Square in Mariapfarr

"I feel closely related to Joseph Mohr. Every time I stand near his grave in Wagrain, I ask him to say a bidding prayer for me!" recounted priest Bernhard Rohrmoser in 2011 at the festivities celebrating the renovation of the vicarage, the introduction of Joseph Mohr Square and the new Silent Night Fountain, all blessed by Archbishop Alois Kothgasser.
More information Silent Night Fountain in Joseph Mohr Square in Mariapfarr. Photographs: Paul Kösslbacher Silent Night Fountain in Joseph Mohr Square in Mariapfarr. Photographs: Paul Kösslbacher
Silent Night Fountain in Joseph Mohr Square in Mariapfarr. Photographs: Paul Kösslbacher Silent Night Fountain in Joseph Mohr Square in Mariapfarr. Photographs: Paul Kösslbacher

Silent Night Museum
Joseph Mohr Documentation
Pfarrstrasse 19
A-5571 Mariapfarr, Austria
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