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City of Salzburg - birthplace

Joseph Mohr was born in the city of Salzburg in 1792. As a young boy, he lived at Steingasse Nr. 31 across the river from the Old Town. Recent findings based on the census of 1794 confirm this. Until 1998, it was believed that he had lived at Steingasse Nr. 9, where today there are still two memorial plaques. (See notes in Joseph Mohr).City of Salzburg - where Mohr
was born and spent his childhood years

Steingasse 31 - Mohr lived
in this house in 1794

Kremsmünster (Upper Austria) - education

Between 1808 and 1810, Mohr studied at the Lyceum school in the Benedictine Monastery of Kremsmünster, and thereafter returned to Salzburg.

Ramsau (Bavaria, Germany) - (1815)

At the end of August, 1815, Mohr visited relatives in the village of Ramsau near Berchtesgaden. As Pastor Wallner had just lost his assistant, Mohr provided temporary help until October 10, 1815.


See information under "Sites of the Song's Origin"


See information under "Sites of the Song's Origin"

Kuchl - assistant priest (1819-1820)

After Oberndorf, Mohr served one year in the parish of Kuchl. A relief sculpture from the sculptor Zenzmaier commemorates this. The relief was mounted in 1956 on a column of the outer church wall. Mohr's guitar reportedly spent a number of years hanging in a restaurant in this town of Kuchl. It was eventually transferred to the estate of the Gruber family, and can now be seen in the Silent Night Museum of Hallein.

Golling - assistant priest (1820-1821)Memorial plaque honoring Mohr at the parish church

Mohr spent the years 1820 to 1821 serving in Golling, located just a few miles from Kuchl.

Vigaun - assistant priest (1821-1822)
(helping also in Adnet and Krispl)

In 1822, Mohr returned to the area closer to Oberndorf where he was stationed in Anthering. When he provided help for the parish of Koppl, he was allowed temporarily to fill the role of a provisional vicar.

Eugendorf - assistant priest (1824-1827)

Mohr then spent three years serving the parish of Eugendorf.

Hof - provisional vicar (1827)

The position of provisional vicar, which Mohr held for several months (October to December) in Hof signified a promotion for Mohr, and a step up in the church organization.

Hintersee vicar - 1827-1837Parish church of Hintersee

The village of Hintersee was redefined as a full parish in 1828, allowing Mohr to be named a vicar and signifying another step of promotion for him. This was the first parish for which Mohr had full responsibility as a priest. For almost ten years he served the people of Hintersee. Only in Wagrain would he work for a longer period. A memorial plaque and a painting (interpretive likeness) of Mohr can be found inside the church, while a bronze sculpture is located outside the church. The recently opened Joseph-Mohr-House serves as a museum and community center.

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Wagrain - vicar (1837-1848)A permanent exhibition in the museum of the author Karl Heinrich Waggerl is dedicated to Joseph Mohr

Mohr worked for the longest period of time in one place in Wagrain. It was also here that his ministry had the most impact and lasting effects. The parish archives contain several original writings from the hand of Mohr. Memorial plaques at Mohr's grave-site, inside the church, outside the vicarge, and at the school which Mohr founded, all give insight into the wide range of Mohr's activities in Wagrain.

An exhibition under the title "Joseph Mohr - the Vicar of Wagrain" has been organised by Margareta Kühhas and can be visited on the top-floor of the "Waggerl Haus". A particular attraction here is an audio centre, where two further musical works by Joseph Mohr can be heard. They are sung by the Wagrain church choir, accompanied by the new Joseph Mohr Memorial organ from the Wagrain Parish Church.

Museum "Waggerl Haus"
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A "cultural walking tour" has been laid out in Wagrain and includes the most important sites associated with Mohr's work. Beyond the south side of the church yard lies a permanent outdoor exhibit honoring the life and work of Mohr. The exhibit also includes information about the origin and dissemination of "Silent Night!" Cultural Walking Tour Wagrain

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