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Sites where Gruber lived

Franz Xaver Gruber was born in Hochburg in 1787 and later attended school here. His first experience serving as an assistant schoolteacher also took place in Hochburg. Memorial plaques on the side of the house built on the site of Gruber's home and birthplace, Unterweizberg 9 (original house was torn down in 1927), and on the school building (now a music school) commemorate Gruber's presence here. The Franz Xaver Gruber Memorial House contains a model of Gruber's original house and the family linen weaving machine on which Gruber himself worked, according to word-of-mouth testimony. Franz Xaver Gruber Memorial House
Gruber worked on this weaving machine as a boy and youth
Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr are portrayed with the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child Franz Xaver Gruber - Peace Walk in Hochburg-Ach. One of the sculptures at the end of the walk: Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr are portrayed with the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child.

Franz Xaver Gruber - Peace Walk in Hochburg-Ach
A walk which unites Nature and the Arts in a unique way. During a circular walking tour of about 1 hour, there are 7 sculptured items to be seen, created by the well-known sculptor, Hubert J. Flörl from Wildschönau, which are integrated into the splendid background countryside around Hochburg.
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Franz Xaver Gruber Memorial House
Town center by the church
A-5122 Hochburg - Ach, Austria
Opening Hours

Tel.: +43 (7727) 26 52 od. 22 55
Contact person: Hans Schwarzmayr

Burghausen (Bavaria, Germany) - organ instruction (1805)Burghausen. In the parish church Gruber learned to play the organ

In 1805, Gruber went to Burghausen to take organ lessons from the church organist, Georg Hartdobler. This completed Gruber's formal music education. A memorial plaque commemorating his time in Burghausen can be found on the former choral director's house located behind the city parish church.


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Berndorf - 1829-1835Memorial plaque - parish church Berndorf

After Gruber left Oberndorf, he became the schoolteacher, church caretaker and organist in Berndorf. On the cemetary wall by the church there is a memorial plaque honoring Gruber. This is the site of the former church caretaker's house which stood here until 1953.

Hallein - 1835-1863

Gruber lived 28 years in Hallein serving as director of choral music, singer and organist. His grave is located near the parish church and in front of the building in which he lived. A central theme of Gruber's life was music and the creation of music. Memorial plaques at the grave-site and by his former home commemorate his musical contributions.

The Silent Night Archives of Hallein (see Research Sites) and the Silent Night Museum of Hallein are both housed in the apartment building where Gruber once lived. One room of the museum is dedicated to the origin and dissemination of the song.Silent Night Museum with
Gruber's grave, Hallein

Grubers Music Room

It contains, among other things, the original guitar of Joseph Mohr which he used during the first performance of the song in 1818. In another room there are items from Gruber's life including original musical instruments and furniture from his apartment.

Franz Xaver Gruber Platz 1
A-5400 Hallein, Austria
Opening Hours

Tel: +43 (6245) 80 783
Fax: +43 (6245) 80 783 - 14

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