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Waidring (Tirol) - 1819

The first recorded copy of "Silent Night!" from a source outside of Salzburg was found in a church songbook by Blasius Wimmer, organist and schoolteacher in Waidring, Tirol. It is dated July 22, 1819.

Fügen in the Zillertal Valley (Tirol) - Mauracher and the Rainer Family SingersLocal History Museum of Fügen
Extensive documentation in words and pictures of the Zillertaler National Singers.

The organ builder Carl Mauracher brought "Silent Night!" to the Zillertal Valley after one of his travels fixing and building organs some time after the first performance of the Christmas carol. There is a memorial plaque on the house Mauracher lived in (Kapfing 13) to commemorate this contribution. The Rainer Family Singers of Fügen helped to spread the song abroad. A memorial plaque on the "Bubenberg Castle" commemorates among other things a concert given by the Rainer family for the Emporer Franz I of Austria and the Tzar Alexander I of Russia in 1822 during which "Silent Night!" was reportedly performed. The Local History Museum of Fügen houses a collection of items from the "Silent Night!" researcher Argus Rainer and also presents the history of the Zillertaler National Singers.

Heimatmuseum Fügen
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Laimach in the Zillertal Valley (Tirol) - Strasser Family Singers

The Strassers, singer family from Laimach, are responsible for the first documented performance, up till now, of "Silent Night" outside of Austria (Leipzig, 1832). A commemorative plaque on the former residence of the "Strasser Children" memorializes this place. The well-preserved modern structure was renovated in 2000 by Ms. Rosi Kraft and was made into a public folklore museum. Hippach village, part of Laimach in the Ziller valley.

Hippach, Laimach in the Ziller valley
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Leipzig (Germany) - 1832

The first recorded performance of "Silent Night!" outside of Austria took place in Leipzig in 1832 by the Strasser Family Singers from Zillertal. The Strassers were leather glove-makers who attended the Leipzig trade fair each year and would sing as a way to advertise their wares.

New York (USA) - 1839The Rainer Singers during their visit in New York, 1839

During a tour of America in 1839, the Rainer Family Singers sang "Silent Night!" during a Christmas day concert held in front of the Alexander Hamilton Memorial by the Trinity Church at the end of Wall Street in New York City. This is the first recorded performance of "Silent Night!" in the United States.