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Silent Night Society´s New Board F.l.t.r. President MMag. Michael Neureiter, Vice-president Josef A. Standl, Manager Renate Schaffenberger, deputy-treasurer Paul Kreiseder, Vice President Renate Ebeling-Winkler and treasurer Reg. Rat Andreas Kinzl Silent Night Society´s New Board F.l.t.r. secretary Mag. Eva Reinecker, treasurer Reg. Rat Andreas Kinzl, Vice President Mag. Renate Ebeling-Winkler, deputy-treasurer Gerhard Haring, deputy-secretary Renate Schaffenberger, Vice-president Josef A. Standl and President MMag. Michael Neureiter As President of the Silent Night Association, I would like to welcome you and introduce you to the purpose and goals of our organization. If this speaks to you, and you would like to support our efforts, then please take the opportunity to contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

Purpose and Goals of the Association

The Silent Night Association is a non-profit organization based in Austria and open to all interested people around the world. The purpose of the Society is to further the research into all aspects of the history surrounding the Christmas carol "Silent Night! Holy Night!", as well as to promote the awareness and use of authentic versions of the song.

Of the multitude of people around the world who enjoy singing "Silent Night!" on Christmas Eve, very few are aware of the circumstances concerning the song's origin, or even that its journey out into the world began in Austria, in a town located just north of Salzburg. We would like to change this by providing a source of information for individuals and media alike.

With the release of publications and the periodical "Pages from the Silent Night Association," it is our goal to provide interested people around the world with the authentic history and latest research findings regarding the origin and dissemination of the song. The Association serves as the primary source and contact for all questions concerning the song (research, museums, monuments, tourist offerings, and media information).

With this Homepage, we have prepared for you the most important and fundamental information regarding the Christmas carol "Silent Night! Holy Night!" Please take advantage of this offering. For further questions, our members stand ready to serve you!

With friendly greetings,

MMag. Michael Neureiter
Silent Night Association

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