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"Silent Night" on DVD. Material for the christmas carol

The Silent Night Society continues to receive inquiries about the song, to its formation and the authors. Many times there is a need for further publications or pictures ? which our website cannot provide all.

With this DVD we provide notes and audio recordings, photographs and films, publications and presentations, and texts to the emergence and spread of the song available:

it should be a treasure trove for those interested, for schools and adult education, for tourism and the media work!

We invite you to use these materials! We invite you to bring the song in your field, his background and his message to the blades!

Michael Neureiter
President of the Silent-Night-Society

The DVD can be ordered directly from the Silent Night Society in Oberndorf at a price of 18 Euro, for members of the Silent Night Society at a price of 12 Euro.

Silent Night Society, Stille-Nacht-Platz 7, A-5110 Oberndorf or office@silentnight.at

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