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Austrian song "Silent Night" to be in the new EU Songbook!

Close to 3,000 Austrians voted online - and the song "Silent Night", known in German as "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht", is far out in the lead with almost 50% of the votes in the Faith and Religion category, followed by the song "In die Berg bin i gern" in the Nature and Season category with a solid 35%. No other song received more than 30% of the votes in any of the six categories!

"The Christmas song from Salzburg is Austria`s song for the new EU Songbook!" declared a delighted Michael Neureiter, President of the Silent Night Association. "We are grateful for the strong support. This will also give us additional momentum in preparing for 2018, which will mark the 200th anniversary of when the song was first played in Oberndorf! We hope that this will also give fresh impetus to our application for the EU Heritage Label!"

A total of 2,991 people voted online by 12 July 2015. That is almost as many as in Denmark, where the EU Songbook was created and where 3,542 people cast their vote. Voting in Greece is currently running until September.

"Silent Night - The Christmas Song" was accepted into the national UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2011. The song will now also be included in the EU Songbook 2016. "The song `Silent Night` will be in the new EU Songbook because it has a fixed place in European festive culture and has become the world`s peace song!" said Neureiter. "The Salzburg song, which has connections to Upper Austria, Bavaria and Tyrol, has become part of European cultural heritage; it connects and brings people together."

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