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Silent Night Society´s appeal during the Christmas period:

"embrace and use all six verses of the carol - as a godsend and as a message to the world!"

President Neureiter: "Spread the word of the complete carol with its message!"

"This carol of worldwide-peace is a gift and carries a message. "Silent Night" was written with six verses, but it is usually shortened to three only! We appeal to everybody to use all six verses, to accept their message and sing them all, because so much is lost in the meaning of the three lesser known verses, if the carol is shortened!" Michael Neureiter, president of the Silent Night Society, appealed to all, who could possibly partake in the spreading of the most-heard and most-performed Christmas carol in all of central Europe, during the forthcoming Christmas festivities.

Autographs from Josef Mohr and Franz Xaver Gruber have always shown all six verses. After it started to spread over the globe in the 19th century, the carol was often shortened. Usually the first and second verses were sung and the sixth verse sustituted as the third verse, the 3rd, 4th and 5th consequently fading into obscurity. "These verses, too, have a message - security for the world and the peoples of the world, protection of the whole world!" emphasised Neureiter. "This carol inspires awareness, defines established cultures, encourages peace - and demands responsibility for the globe!"

The Silent Night Society invites everybody to spread the song and its message. Neureiter comments: "We are confident that "Silent Night, Holy Night" will be accepted, this time with all six verses, in the new hymn book to be issued in german-speaking areas! Our appeal, even in these demanding and critical times, make use of this world-wide carol of peace - inspire awareness, define established cultures and encourage peace!"

Download. "Stille Nacht! Heil'ge Nacht!" Music Notation from the Mohr-Autograph (about 1820). By Peter Fahrnberger. © Silent Night Association 2012

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