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Silent Night Association - Latest Newsletter

Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear colleagues and friends of the Silent Night Association,

It is only a few days before Christmas Eve and 1475 days prior to Christmas Eve 2018, so we would like to provide you with some information by way of this Newsletter.

Let`s start with the Silent Night Associationīs objective target:

We aim to draw attention to the Carol, its origins and its message in the hearts and minds of people from near and far!

The Carol is for Christians the message of Christ`s humanization,
The Carol is for us Europeans an element of our culture,
The Carol is for us global citizens the carol of world peace,

Silent Night Convention 2014 with Archbishop Lackner

There was a record attendance at the Silent Night Convention 2014 in Salzburg on 15.11.2014: After guided tours of the newly-opened Dom Quartier (museum showing everything pertaining to the cathedral) lead by Carola Schmidt and Barbara Schöler, a talk about "Silent Night in the archives" was given by Eva Neumayr in the Consistorial Archives of the Archbishop of Salzburg.

The main interest at the subsequent general meeting 2014 of the Silent Night Association was naturally the project "Silent Night 2018": Prof.Dr. Thomas Hochradner, chairman of our academic advisory committee presented our suggestions for key aspects in the original locations and memorial centers, as groundwork for our preparations in respect of 2018.
A process innovation became apparent during the debate about the diverse new interpretations of the Carol and the necessity to use social media.

Archbishop Dr. Franz Lackner visited the general meeting in the Kardinal Schwarzenberg house on Kapitel Square and emphasized the interest of the Church in the preparations: "The Carol came from Salzburg and spread out all over the world: - we should encourage its impact as global Carol of Peace, as best we can!"

Actual Publications also in Internet

We were also able to present the latest publications at the general meeting:

-"Blätter der Stille Nacht Gesellschaft 2014" with reviews about "Silent Night Museums" - ten locations in Salzburg, Upper Austria and Tyrol, our suggestions for key aspects in the original locations and memorial centers 2018, reports about the special exhibition "Silent Night in the Trenches" in Arnsdorf, the Crib Pathway from Laufen to Oberndorf and a portrait of the "Silent Night" guitarist, Wolfgang Guttmann, and much more. The latest edition of our newspaper can also be found under: Blätter der Stille-Nacht-Gesellschaft 2014.

- On 15.11.2014 we also presented our Silent Night Postage Stamp 2014, this time with a motif of the Salzburg Kai district, near to the house where Joseph Mohr was born, and taken from a marble sculptured plaque with a picture of the Madonna in the Chiemseegasse.

- The postage stamp and all our other publications can be found on our website: Publications of the Silent Night Association.

They include our Silent Night Stamp 2004, our "Blätter" since 2010, our autograph book, our collection "Silent Night on DVD", our guide to the Salzburg Silent Night communities and a publication on the 150th anniversary of Franz Xaver Gruber`s death. There is a reduction in price of about one third for members of the association.

- brand new and continually updated, is our project "Silent Night Museum online", where a collection of objects from individual museums are combined to create a virtual museum on our website. Silent Night Museums online.

Focal points 2015: coordination of materials and key aspects

It became very obvious at the talks about Silent Night 2018 with the Salzburg County Governor, Dr. Wilfried Haslauer, on 17.02.2014, and also at our general annual meeting on 15.11.2014, that the focal point 2015 is the coordinating of materials and key aspects. (It was also clear during a tour with the Press in the province of Salzburg a few weeks ago, accompanied by Michael Neureiter.)

- It is a matter of harmonizing the aquired and conveyed information and
- It is a matter of differentiation of the individual local key aspects

Our projects to harmonizing aquired information are

- Book project 2016 - "Stille Nacht: Das Buch zum Lied" the new Silent Night book, describing locations of origin and memorial, will be well- illustrated and also with material available on DVD. We plan to issue the book in German and English and are already searching for authors. The presentation of the new Silent Night book is planned to take place during the second half of 2016 in Mariapfarr, where Joseph Mohr wrote the text to the Carol.

- Further Education "Silent Night Impartation" - for museums, tourist offices, tour guides, night schools etc. Thanks to several important interested parties this stage of the project is beginning to take shape, the planning starts in January 2015, in autumn 2015 we hope to start with the educational modules.

- A new issue of our "Guide to Silent Night Communities": this will be extended in 2015 by six further commemorative locations in Bavaria, Upper Austria, Salzburg and Tyrol, which will then provide compact and harmonious information on 12 locations!

We have already started an initiative to differentiating the local key aspects: We would like to contribute to the project "Silent Night 2018", so that visitors to the original locations in the province of Salzburg (Mariapfarr, Arnsdorf and Oberndorf) and to the commemorative locations in Salzburg, Upper Austria, Bavaria and Tyrol (Burghausen, Fügen, Hallein, Hintersee, Hochburg-Ach, Laufen, Ried im Innkreis, Salzburg and Wagrain) are confronted with coordinated details related to the Carol, it`s authors and their era.

Silent Night Day 2015

Our next annual general meeting will be on 14th November 2015 during the afternoon and evening: We ask you to make note of the date now, further details are to follow at a later date.

Our Office in Oberndorf near Salzburg

Our secretary, Anita Renzl, will be only too pleased to help you and give further information. She is in the office in Oberndorf, Mohrstrasse 10, every Tuesday from 15.00h until 17.00h.

Contact address:
Ihr Kontakt:
Tel. +43 (0) 660 2412 200 or
Mail to the Silent Night Association

In the name of our managing committee we would like to wish you
a peaceful and happy Christmas and look forward to mutual collaboration in 2015

MMag. Michael Neureiter, president

Mag. Eva Knaus-Reinecker, secretary

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