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A new management committee for the Silent Night Association

A glance at 2018: "200 years of the world-famous "Silent Night", a carol tiding peace. Emphasis on research, mediation, networking

The annual general meeting 2010 of the Silent Night Association was held in the Kolpinghaus, Hallein: The new management committee for 2010 ? 2013 was unanimously elected and a work schedule for the next three years acknowledged: We are working intensely on our "Silent Night 2018" project, whereby we are concentrating on research, mediation and networking. Our new board of trustees and our academic advisors bring the know-how needed in preparing for the year 2018, when the carol will be 200 years old!" emphasised Michael Neureiter, the re-elected president of the association.

Neureiter is convinced that it will not just be a matter of tourism in 2018: "not only the network of the Silent Night rural communities, the places of origin and inspiration of both composers and the towns where the carol was performed and propagated, have plenty to offer guests but also museums, cultural societies and the development in individual communities. Also to be considered ? the scientific aspect and the wide selection of works by Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr!?.

Two of the main endeavours of the Silent Night Association are the origin and the significance of the carol. According to the president " The birth of the carol in the province of Salzburg, in Mariapfarr, Arnsdorf and Oberndorf is one thing, the significance of the carol another. The carol stimulates reflection, influences culture and encourages peace!" Neureiter refers to Placido Domingo, who recently stated, that, in his opinion, no other song is able to call itself a carol for world peace like "Silent Night".

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