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Silent Night Postage Stamp 2011: Organ builder Karl Mauracher

President Neureiter: "Fügen is the `link` with the rest of the world for the famous Christmas Carol"

"Fügen, without doubt , is the link to the rest of the world in the spreading of the carol Silent Night, Holy Night"! expressed Michael Neureiter, president of the Silent Night Society, at the presentation of the Silent Night Postage Stamp 2011 in Fügen in the Ziller valley. The reason why the Silent Night Society`s chose Fügen as focal point: The organ builder, Karl Mauracher, (1789 - 1844) introduced the carol from Salzburg into the Zillertal valley and his home village of Fügen, from where the singing group, "Zillertaler Nationalsänger", played an important part in spreading the carol.

The Silent Night postage stamp 2011, designed by Peter Mader, shows an oil painting of Karl Mauracher by an unknown artist. The photo of this oil painting
(from the private collection of Martin Reiter, Reith in Alpbachtal) comes from the museum, Heimathaus, in Hochburg-Ach, where Franz Xaver Gruber was born in 1787. Furthermore on the stamp, next to the portrait of Mauracher is a print of the plans for the Oberndorf church organ, built in 1825 also by Mauracher. This print belongs to the Reiter collection, too.

The Silent Night postage stamp 2011 can be obtained as a stamp or combined with the Silent Night postmark, directly from the Silent Night Society in Oberndorf, at a price of 3,- Euro

Should you be interested in giving your Christmas post a personal touch with the combined stamp and postmark, there are reduced prices for larger orders.

Silent Night Society, Stille-Nacht-Platz 7, 5110 Oberndorf, Austria. Tel. +43 (0) 660 2412 200 or Email

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